6 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms And Networks To Make Money

6 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms And Networks To Make Money

6 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms And Networks To Make Money

Hello friend how are you all? In today’s post, I am going to tell you 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Platform on which you can earn a lot more money if you work on it.So friends, if you go to earn money from internet, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from internet.

What is affiliates marketing?

As you know Amazon is the world’s largest selling platform.Affiliate Marketing is a business that you can make a lot of money on Affiliate Marketing requires you to sell anything from any online store that will pay you a some commission.

You have to promote any product of any major online store.You can also promote it on your, Your Blog, YouTube channel and your Facebook page.If any person buy the product from your affiliate link, you will get a some commission on it.

1.Amazon Associates

So friends, the number one platform that is best for Affiliate is Amazon Associates.Everyday there are thousands of product sales on Amazon And there are thousands of new product added.If you are a begainer in affiliate marketing too, then Amazon Associates is the best platform for you.

Amazon gives up to 10% commission on some products.One of the highlights of Amazon is that For example, if you are created an affiliate link for a 10 dollar bulb and if any person comes as Amazon by clicking on your bulb affiliate link but they buy any other product within 24 hours, Then you will get commission on that product too.

To do affiliate marketing on Amazon Associates, you must have a website.You can withdraw at least $10 on Amazon Associates.You can take your money in a bank account through Payoneer.


The second affiliate marketing platform is shareasale.ShareASale is great for affiliate marketing.ShareASale is very popular.

In ShareASale too, Different product is available by sealing which you can earn good commission.Minimum payout at ShareASale is $ 50 Which is much more than Amazon.

There is also a cookie deduction system, but this cookie druction system depends on the merchant.This is a 45k+ merchant.To do this, you have to have a website to do affiliate marketing.But if you are beginer on affiliate marketing then I do not recommend this.

3.Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window)

So friends,The third number affiliate marketing platform is Awin.It is also the world famous affiliate marketing platform.Every year, there are product sales of Millions on Awin.

Awin has 13000+ different merchants.Awin was founded in Germany.Depends on commission rate merchant on Awin And cookies druction system also depends on the merchant.

The minimum payout on the Awin is $20 you can withdraw from your bank account.You are charged $5 fee while creating an account on Awin which are later refund to you.Awin has its own dedicated WordPress plugin Which helps you import the product.

Awin Some famous names are:

XE (money transfer)
Under Armour)


So friend, according to me, which is the best affiliate marketing platform at number four which Clikbank.Physical product along with digital product is available on Clickbank.

Commission rate and cookies druction system depends on merchant at Clickbank.People also earn hundreds of dollars every month from Clickbank with affiliates marketing.Like Amazon, the minimum payout is $ 10 on Clickbank.Which you can take easily in your bankĀ  account.

There is also a good bet on Clickbank that you get a higher commission on most merchants.And you can withdraw your money in Clickbank every week.The only thing I have noticed at Clickbank is that Clickbank is not available in most countries.If clickbank is not available in your country too, you can watch videos on YouTube and create account on clickbank.

5.Walmart Affiliates

Walmart Affiliates which is the best affiliate marketing platform at number five is According to my experience.Walmart Affiliates is very good for marketing but its online retail market is very low which is 3.7% in us e commerce market.

Commission rates are very good on Walmart Affiliates.For Example, if you get 3% commission on a product on Amazon, then you will get 4 percent mission on Walmart Affiliates.Cookies Duration too much on Compare to Amazon.Cookies duration on amazon is 24hours But cookie duration is 3 days on Walmart Affiliates.

The commission rate on Valmet ranges from 1% to 18% Most categories commission rate are 4% or 1%.Walmart also has a very large product available.Those you can sell and get a good commission.Minimum payout is 50 dollars on walmart affiliates, which is much higher than Amazon.

6.eBay Partner Network

The last number platform for affiliate marketing is eBay Partner Network.Most of physical products are available on eBay.You can get good commission from digital products for affiliate marketing.EBay’s online retail market is 6.7 percent in us ecommerce market.

And if we now talk about commission rate, then eBay has its own commission rate system Which you can take from 50 to 70% commission.But you will not get this commission from the price of the product.

Ebay’s cook duration is 24 hours.Minimum payout on eBay is $10.There are a lot of products available on eBay that you can sell and earn a good commission.You can sell used product in ebay.Which is their very unique method.I like their used products sell system.If you are beginer too, eBay is great for you for affiliate marketing.


In this Post, I told you 6 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms And Networks To Make Money.Still, if you have not understood anything, then you can comment and ask us. Thanks for visiting my website.

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