6 Ways To Get More Subscribers & Views On YouTube

6 Ways To Get More Subscribers & Views On YouTube

6 Ways To Get More Subscribers & Views On YouTube

Hello friends how are you all?In today’s post, I will tell you the 12 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube.If you are on a YouTuber and you want to complete your 1K subscribers quickly, then read this post completely.

By the way, get subscribers on YouTube is not a difficult task, just you have to take care of a few things.Let me tell you 12 ways to get subscribers on YouTube.

1: Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

The first tip is to keep your channel clean and tidy.Delete all the outdated and bad videos on your channel first.Put only such videos on your channel that you like and your viewers too Because people who have subscribed to your channel because of bad videos, they will also unsubscribe your channel.

So upload good videos to your channel.And try uploading one to two videos daily.And choice a good category for your YouTube that you have knowledge so that you can give good content to the people.Upload your channel category related videos daily.

2: Only Create and Post Highly Watchable Content

Upload videos to your channel that people watch more.Only upload Highly Watchable Content So that people watch your videos as much as possible and this will complete your 4000 hours watch time quickly.

Make the first 10 seconds of your video the most attritable

Most views are reminded of these 10 seconds if you don’t make the first 10 seconds of your video attritable.Show the highlights of your videos in these 10 seconds.

Purchase the right equipment for an in-house studio

To be successful on YouTube, you also have to have good equipment.You do not have to take the expensive equipment too much.You need a good mic or camera so you can record a good video and  audio for your video.

3: Create Custom Human Thumbnails

To get more views on YouTube, it is also important to make a good thumbnail for your YouTube videos.You can read the post of 6 Best Thumbnail Maker Apps For Android written by me, which will make you very easy to make Thumbnail.

Create Custom human thumbnails to get people to attractions.You can also add a nice picture of yourself in thumbnail so that the attention of the people can be found on your video.

4.Promote your YouTube Channel.

The easiest way to succeed on YouTube quickly and to get maximum subscribers on your channel is to promote your YouTube channel.

You can also promote your YouTube videos to YouTube with the help of Google ads.You can promote your videos by the  4 types of ads on youtube.You can also promote your YouTube videos on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to promote your YouTube video then I recommend you three platforms on which you can take good advantage by promoting your YouTube video in less money.You can promote your videos on YouTube, Google Facebook, these three platforms.

On how to promote your YouTube videos, you will get a lot of videos on YouTube, you can promote your YouTube videos by watching them.

5.Promote your Channel to Relevant Online Communities

You can promote your YouTube videos on some social media for free, just you have to work a little hard.Such as Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Whatsapp and Linkedin etc.

On these social media platforms you can promote your YouTube videos for free.The first is to join your group of these social media platforms and then share your videos in them.

Remember that you join a group whose related videos are yours.You can share your video calling and ask people to subscribe to your channel, it will also benefit you a lot.

6.Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Search

Optimize your videos in YouTube search engine to succeed on YouTube and get more views and subscribers on YouTube.You have to do search engine optimization for your videos.

You can use pinterst to rank your videos in Google search engine.First of all, you have to create an account on Pinterest and after that you have to create a board and create a pin for your videos.The more pin you create, the sooner your videos will reach people and rank in the Google search engine quickly.

To rank your video in YouTube’s search engine, you have to take care of 6 things.

Create Searchable Titles:

  • The most important thing to get your videos to be in the search engine is the searchable title.You always have to add searchable title to your videos.
  • For this, you can also take help of free keyword search tool.Many free tools are available for YouTube’s keyword search.You can write your titles on YouTube 100 characters, But I will also recommend to you that you keep up to 50 characters of title length for your youtube video.

Add a Transcript to Every Video:

  • Video Transcript is the best way to optimize your video in  search engine.So please use the transcript in your every video.

Optimize Your Video Descriptions:

  • Description of YouTube videos is also very useful for getting your YouTube videos optimize for search engine.Set the tag in your video description and share the script about your YouTube video.

Don’t Forget About Meta Tags:

  • Meter tag is a very powerful way to make your video appear in search engines.Meta tags are very useful to keep YouTube videos in search engines.
  • Add the meta tags  to every video.You can also use the tags generator to get good tags for your videos.There are many free tools available for YouTube’s tags, with the help of which you can generate related good tags of your videos and add them to your meta tags.


In this Post, I told you 6 Ways to Get More Subscribers & views on YouTube.Still, if you have not understood anything, then you can comment and ask us. Thanks for visiting my website.

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